It was resolved (unanimously) at the Board meeting on 13 May 2017 that the categories of membership and corresponding membership fee shall be:

  • LIFE Membership:                          No fee. Able to Vote. Access all events & benefits.
  • Owner Membership:                       Fee $60-00. Able to Vote. Access all events & benefits
  • Associate Membership:                  Fee $60-00. Able to Vote. Access all events & benefits.
  • Pillion Membership:                       Fee $20-00. No vote. Access all events & benefits.
  • Introductory Membership:            No fee, Limited to 12 months. No vote. Access all events
  • Corporate Member:                         Fee $120-00. 2 cards issued. No vote. Access all events.
  • Complimentary Membership:       No fee. No vote. No access. Newsletter only.

and that these changes will take effect for membership renewals from 1 July 2017.

  • Note: Complimentary Membership relates to Overseas Clubs, New Zealand Dealers and Service Agents


What does this means for me as a Member?

Life Membership.

There are NO changes. Life Members do not pay an Annual Membership Fee. They are able to Vote. They have access to all BMW Motorcycle Club Events and to benefits.

Owner Membership. (this member is the owner of a BMW Motorcycle)An ‘Owner

An ‘Owner’ pays an Annual Membership Fee of $60-00.  Are able to Vote and have access to all BMW Motorcycle Club Events and benefits.

Associate Member.

An ‘Associate Member’ also owns a motorcycle which may be other than a BMW motorcycle, or has an interest in the BMW Marque.  They pay an Annual Membership Fee of $60-00.  Are able to Vote and have access to all BMW Motorcycle Club Events and benefits.

Pillion Membership.

The ‘Pillion Member’ is the previous ‘Partner’ category.  An Owner or an Associate could have more than one ‘Pillion’. They pay an Annual Membership Fee of $20-00.  They have their own Membership Card and Membership Number.  They do not NOT vote but have access to all BMW Motorcycle Club Events and benefits. For changing from Partner to Pillion Members, or becoming a new Pillion Member please complete the new form by clicking HERE.

Introductory Membership.

An ‘Introductory Member’ has been introduced to our club usually through the purchase of a BMW Motorcycle via one of the New Zealand BMW Motorcycle Dealers.  There is Annual Membership fee and is limited to a 12 month period. They do not receive a Membership Card.  They do NOT vote but can access BMW Motorcycle Club events.

Corporate Membership.

This is a new category and is designed for funding and/or support for our organisation. An Annual Membership Fee of $120-00 has been set. This Category has two shared membership cards issued under the Corporate Name. Corporate Members do NOT vote but the card holder can attend any appropriate BMW Motorcycle Club Event.

Complimentary Membership.

This is an administration category. There is no Annual Membership for this category. There are NO Voting right. There is NO access to BMW Motorcycle Club Events (with the exception of an Invited Guest).  This category relates to Overseas Clubs, New Zealand Dealers and Service Agents.



If you carry the current joint status of ‘Member & Partner’ and your membership fees are due prior to 1 July 2017, then your membership fee/s is/are at the old rate. If you are a Partner and ride a motorcycle, you can choose what new category you’d like to be.  You can become a Pillion as long as your partner’s membership is ‘Owner’ or ‘Associate’. That means that there is no compulsion for you as a rider to carry the membership of a rider as long as your partner carries the full membership category.  If you want to be listed as an ‘Owner’ or ‘Associate’, that’s OK as well.  Pillion Member will have their own Membership Number and their own Membership Card.

So if you’re currently behind in your membership and have been ignoring those database reminders, now is the time to sort it out. The Membership Categories in the Website ‘Shop’ have been updated.

If you have already updated your membership, these changes will take place for you on your next annual renewal that now occurs on the anniversary of your membership.

Membership Cards issued from 1 July 2017 will have slightly different information printed on them.  Next to your name will be the category of your membership.

Each Membership card will also have a date indicating when your membership expires.  That may have insurance ramifications for you if you have a Policy with reduced premiums due to your BMW Motorcycle Club Membership.

If your circumstances change and you want to change your membership category during the year, contact the Membership Secretary on

If you have any other inquiries relating to this, you can direct them to the Board via the Secretary on


David Ross – National Secretary.