The changes to the Annual Membership Fees has been completed with all members now being recorded as due for membership on the Anniversary of their joining the Club.

As a reminder, previously all fees were due on 1 July.  That system created a significant workload for both the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer.  When the new Membership Database was activated the Board agreed to change from the 1 July date to the anniversary of membership date.  That allowed the payment of Membership Fees to be spread across the year that then significantly reduced the immediate workload for the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer.

The Membership Database now auto-generates email messages to the individual members reminding them of when their Annual Membership Fees are due.  Click HERE to read about that system

The Current Membership fees were reviewed by the Board after a number of inquiries and suggestions were made by the Membership.

The Membership Fee Structure has been simplified as shown below:

  • ‘Owner’ Membership                                                        $60-00 per anniversary year
  • ‘Associate’ Membership                                                   $60-00 per anniversary year.
  • ‘Pillion’ Membership (Previously called ‘Partner’)         $20-00 per anniversary year.

The current Membership Fee payment system in the Shop have  been adjusted to show these changes.   If there is confusion, inquiries are welcomed.  Please contact either of the undersigned.

Chris Souness – Membership Secretary.

David Ross – Secretary.