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Annual Membership Fees

Changes to the Annual Membership Fees are now completed with all members now being recorded as due for membership on the Anniversary of their joining the Club. As a reminder, previously all fees were due on 1 July.  That system created a significant workload for both the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer.  When the new

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BMWMC Forums

The previous Forums have been imported from the old OR Site, however, the old site used a very old platform and in the transfer, only the Posts were able to be imported. Nothing has been lost from the content of the Forums except the avatars and identities of those who have posted.  This also means

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2017 AGM Minutes and Reports

BMWOR AGM minutes 2017          and the following  documents: Combined reports Budget 2016-172016   BMWOR Financial Reports YE June 16 National Rally Breakdown

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